Parenting Styles

Which is your parenting style

The parenting styles/theories commonly used today are the works of renowned development psychologist – Diana Baumrind.

According to Diana Baumrind, she identifies three parenting styles namely:-

  1. Permissive Parenting
  2. Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Parenting
  3. Authoritative Parenting

However, from the works of Diana Baumrinds three parenting styles, Maccoby and Martin (1983) further expanded the permissive parenting style into two styles.

The two styles expanded further were uninvolved parenting style (neglectful) and indulgent parenting style (Permissive).

After the works of Maccoby and Martin (1983), the parenting styles were identified as four.

  1. Uninvolved Parenting
  2. Permissive Parenting
  3. Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Parenting
  4. Authoritative Parenting
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