Authoritative Parenting

What is Authoritative Parenting


According to research done, the authoritative parent/s have high expectation from their children because of the support they give them in nurturing their emotional and developmental needs. Authoritative parents are the ones that are deeply attached in seeing that their children are secure and protected.

They also do listen to their children and they provide warmth and love to them. Authoritative parents use positive discipline measures in order to earn children respect.mother and daughter bonding with flowers

Democratic is what is also described as authoritative parenting because of the cooperation between the parents and the children. In the past it had been described as the most effective way of helping children as they grow.

Characteristics of Authoritative parenting

  • The parents have an open opinion where the children openly express themselves
  • Authoritative parents encourage their children to come up with opinions
  • They administer fair discipline
  • They set up clear limits on behaviour and having boundaries
  • They keep encouraging their children
  • Their children are self reliant
  • Their children adapt well in different environments and are well behaved
  • They have good social skills
  • They are outgoing and able to address issues with minimal supervision
Parenting Styles

Which is your parenting style

The parenting styles/theories commonly used today are the works of renowned development psychologist – Diana Baumrind.

According to Diana Baumrind, she identifies three parenting styles namely:-

  1. Permissive Parenting
  2. Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Parenting
  3. Authoritative Parenting

However, from the works of Diana Baumrinds three parenting styles, Maccoby and Martin (1983) further expanded the permissive parenting style into two styles.

The two styles expanded further were uninvolved parenting style (neglectful) and indulgent parenting style (Permissive).

After the works of Maccoby and Martin (1983), the parenting styles were identified as four.

  1. Uninvolved Parenting
  2. Permissive Parenting
  3. Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Parenting
  4. Authoritative Parenting
  1. Parents teaching their child how to use a computer