Types of Adoption

Adoption and what you need to know


Adoption is a permanent legal transfer of all parental rights from one person or a couple (family). Adoptive parents normally do have the same rights as the biological parents and adopted children have all of the emotional, legal, social and kingship benefits of biological students.Advocate office


There are several types of adoption:

  1. Private adoption:-

The private adoption is one which the adoptive parents are connected with the adoptive family through an adoption professional.

2. Public  Adoption:-

In a public adoption, the adoptive parent will go to the children care homes or foster family or any other children aid society for public adoption.

3. Relation Adoption:-

This one involves the adoption of a child by a step-parent or a close relation. A close relation is either a grandmother, auntie or any other relation within the family circle. Other relations must proceed through private adoption systems.

4. Closed Adoption:-

In a closed adoption, the birth parent and the adaptor shall never know one another.

5. Open Adoption:-

In an open adoption, the birth parents and the adoptor shall know one another and even end up signing contract/legal papers.

6. Designated Adoption:-

This is one type of adoption whereas the birth family select a specific family to adapt their child either directly or with the aid of an adoption facilitator. In some state, birth parent counseling is required and the adoption family must complete the adoption home study.

7. International Adoption:-

To adopt a child from abroad, you must work with an agency that is specifically licensed to conduct adoption in the country you choose.signing documents


Adoption is a lifelong experience, whereas even if the adoption is positive there is still struggling to cope with grief and loss.  People or children do grief in different ways but most commonly is to fight the rage and anger from the loss of family members and loved ones, or even another foster family. single parnt

In small children, they tend to grief more compared to older children who grief for a shorter period. Although the process of grieving may lead into the feeling of fear, abandonment and rejection. This may lead to a total change of a person’s behavioral issues. Even create fear for future losses which may impact negatively into their social interaction skills like relationships and friendship development.


1. Communication

  • This is one of the boldest and open ways of solving may issues. This will always be a highway into healing the emotional and physical to the adopted and adoptive family. It is good to get the background of the adopted children so that you are in a good position of answering questions raised by your child and also you will be a position of letting the child know his or her own identity.
  • Providing a good and suitable adoptive home for the upbringing of the small adopted children, they will always adjust to the environment the quickest way possible compared to the older children. Give the children a free will of making a choice in which they will end up building self-confidence in the foster family


Like any other parenthood, adoption can bring tremendous joy and a sizeable amount of stress, the ups and downs that you may experience as an adoptive parent before and after adoption while every family and parent is different and unique adoption brings feelings and experience.


People who end up adopting they always have different personal reasons either unmarried or married.I can almost hear you thinking the reasons;-


This is not being in a position of having your biological child. In many cases you find couples who have been trying for so long to get children of there own.They do end up adopting for them to fulfill the desire of parenthood.

In some cases, some are singles who just want to adopt to start families, without wanting to go through the process of conceiving and birthing.

Same sex

Some are same-sex couples who want to become parents. In such a case this couple prefers to adopt because if it is a woman to woman couple only one can become pregnant even though the IVF (In vitro fertilization) process which will only make one of them a biological parent so they tend to adopt in order not for any of them to become genetically related.Family of three

Decision making

You must be wondering, either to help a friend or family member.In this instance you choose to help,the one who is not in a position to raise or provide for the child.

Rescue from an abusive home

Many children are put up in foster care as a result of parents who abused them .The plight of these children do touch so many people, and some of them get lucky by being adopted.

Second chances

Children who are born in poor nations,are adopted through international agencies.Whereas they get families which will make them have better education and livelihood.