Skills for raising children

11 Parenting skills for raising well behaved children

Every parent aspires to help their children make the most of their potential and be responsible members of their society. It is also every parents joy to raise well behaved children.

To raise well behaved children would mean that as a parent you need to impart the necessary skills to assist your children grow.boys reading on a table

As a result, below are 11 well thought out parenting skills to raise well behaved children:-

1.Understand your child’s needs

For a child to be well behaved, always think about the unmet needs of your children to get to the root cause of the issue at hand.

(Probably your child has some underlying issues he is going through that you might what to talk with them about) In line with that:-

  • Always make a decision beforehand of what you will do if you start to become angry.
  • Try as much as possible not to shout at your children unless it’s the last result
  • Walk away from the situation if necessary
  • Analyze the role you have to play in the conflict
  • It would be good to check what unmet needs your child has so that you can get to the root   of the issue
  • Give children chores/responsibilities kids in a park reading a story book

2. Give a child chores/responsibility

A child who does chores within the house tends to grow up to be responsible and a well successful adult.

Household chores should be included in a family routine so that children can do the chores.

As a result, gain important life lessons related to duty and cooperation.  In research done, it was found that children who do more chores around the home consequently become very happier later on and this sets them up for future success.  baby trying to bake a cake

3. Build a strong relationship with your spouse

Research shows that spouses who have a healthy/strong relationship have children who are happier and more successful in the long run as compared to children from high conflict families.  

4. Teach your child to view challenges positively

Research has shown that people who view challenges, roadblocks, and obstacles in life positively are more likely to become more successful than those who do not.

Renowned psychologist Carol Dweck has spent decades trying to understand how your mindset affects how successful you become.child riding a bicycle

5. Allow your children to do things they can do for themselves

It’s every parent’s desire for their children to be responsible and independent. 

As a parent, it would be good to supervise your children closely in chores they ought to do themselves and therefore bring up responsible confident children.children washing clothes

6. Give your children a sense of security

It is proven by researchers that children who have a strong sense of security early in life perform better in school and also have healthier relationships in adulthood.

It is interesting to note that earlier exposures and experiences have a profound impact on childhood play time in the park

Parents can do the following to give their children a sense of security:-

•             Set consistent boundaries

•             Give your children undivided attention when with them

•             Keep your promises

•             Be dependable and trustworthy

•             Show affection towards them

•             Appreciate them

•             Treat them with respect

•             Acknowledge their feelings

•             Be approachable

•             Remind them of your love unconditionally

7. Focus more on your children’s positive behavior than negative behavior

8. Effective parenting understands that parents should be more intentional in focusing on a child’s good behavior as the more a parent scolds or reprimands a child over bad behavior, the more the child’s bad behavior gets repeated.

9. Teach your children to empathise on the needs of others

10. Research done shows that children find lots of happiness in giving to others; this is contrary do adults who are self-centered and look out for only what is good for us and not for others. As a result, our children shall lead to fulfilling and joyful lives

11. Don’t shout at your children :At times we find ourselves shouting and yelling at our children and the more we shout at them the more their behavior will worsen.

Instead of shouting and yelling at them, it would be good to understand their perspective and feelings and use logical reasoning to get through them

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