How Christmas will be different this year PARENTING

How Christmas celebration will be different this year – 2020

Christmas is here with us again, the malls and streets are lit up, our Christmas trees are decorated and the excitement can be felt all around us.

This year’s Christmas will be celebrated a little bit different from the rest of the years as it is amidst a pandemic.

So may families may opt out not to travel due to the pandemic but for those that will, there are plenty of activities available for fun.

Christmas décor balls

For those of us who will be hosting, it can be an overwhelming season when you have to think around the logistics such as accommodation, entertainment and catering for the visiting family members and friends.

Here are six tips to help parents manage and enjoy the Christmas holiday season:-

1. Share your safety plan as a host

As you send out the Christmas invitations to your friends and family, ensure that you share the safety plans and ground rules as a family to your guests.

Ensure that everyone’s safety is taken care off ahead of time, take into consideration that  our risk tolerance and health levels are different.

As much as there has been limited movements to and from our homes due to the introduction of lockdowns and homeschools, it would be good to allow children to mingle with the family members that have visited over the holidays.

2. Give your children/guests freedom

This is normally the season of bonding with relatives we haven’t seen physically in a long time.

child playing with water bubbles

The bonding with family is also an opportune time to open up a child’s locked potential as a child’s reasoning and confidence in expressing themselves is developed.

As the children mingle and bond with the visitors, it is also a relaxing moment for the parents as the children are engaged with other fun activities.

3. Don’t try to please everyone

When hosting family and families around Christmas, remember it is the little things that count.

The time well spent and the memories that you will create around each other is what matters.

couple with Christmas socks

4. Stick to your family routine

As much as possible, family rules should be adhered to even during the holidays.

It is normally very hard to keep up with children deprived of sleep and especially if they are allowed to stay up late past their bedtime.

5. Time for giving

Christmas season is associated with the time for giving, more so to the less fortunate in our society

Remember that our children will always model what parents to, hence be as inclusive as possible.

As you prepare the gifts for the less fortunate around us and as you light up and decorate the Christmas tree, include your children. “A less stress child, results into a less stressed parent”.

Many churches, schools have activities around the Christmas holidays where children are invited to make crafts and gifts for the less fortunate.

Be as inclusive as possible when preparing gifts for the less fortunate.

This would be a good time to teach our kids around us to think about the less fortunate , as well as pass this tradition from one generation to the next.

6. Continue the family tradition

This would be a good time to continue family traditions over Christmas.

You may opt to have the elderly children take the video recording and photography.

lady taking photos

Remember to encourage your children to make and share their New Year resolutions.

Be flexible with your culinary skills. Alter some traditional dishes that you have always made over Christmas by plan ahead to even make it more exciting.