Neglectful parenting

What is Neglectful Parenting & its characteristics


At a glance, this style of parenting is where the children do not get adequate amount of emotional support and physical time from the parents. children in the sunset

The parents have little emotional involvement with their children’s lives moreover, they let their children learn by themselves.

Whereas these parents could be uninvolved in varying degrees. Most of them provide the basic needs of their children like food, shelter and clothing while others neglect their children totally.

Psychologist Diane Baumrind describes neglectful parenting or uninvolved parents as having the least amount of involvement in their children’s requirements.

Characteristics of Uninvolved/neglectful parenting

  1. They have the least amount of involvement or response towards their children’s needs.
  2. These parents show little love, warmth and affection towards their children.
  3. These parents may intentionally avoid their children.
  4. They do not provide room or opportunity for recreational and development activities.siblings taking a walk

Other characteristics of uninvolved/neglectful parenting

5. Parents with their problems

Neglectful parents end up giving themselves so much time trying to solve their own problems, during which, their children are totally forgotten.

As a result, they are always facing emotional, financial and social problems.

6. Emotional Disconnection

Uninvolved parents are emotionally distant from their children. They think that their only duty is providing food and shelter to their children.

However, these parents fail to understand that their children have emotional needs besides being provided with the basic needs.

7. Lack Of Supervision

The lack of supervision by their parent therefore is portrayed by their children at school or at home.girl on the street with a suitcase

8. Do Not Express Love

As a ritual this parents do not show love or any affection, therefore, leave their children with bitter feelings.

9. Lack Of Expectations

Since these parents do not attend any of their children’s school activities, consequently, they have no expectations from their children.

As a result, it does not bother them if their children reach any of their goal or milestone.

They as well do not help them achieve, their own set goals or motivate them towards achieving them.

10. Lack of Responsiveness

This style of parenting lacks responsiveness to a child’s needs, furthermore, the parents are dismissive and similarly completely and sister