Exciting nursery ideas for girls

Exciting Baby Nursery Ideas for Girls

Every parent in the universe prepares for their new babies happy place or commonly known as the baby’s nursery. Preparing for a babies nursery is like a daunting task but exciting at the same time.

This is the room where you and your new born girl will bond, grow, live and learn.

baby in a playing pen

As a parent , think through the atmosphere of your babies nursery and the memories you will create together.

Think about the feeling you would like to bring in the nursery for instance, would you like a magical feeling? playful feeling or an innocent feeling?

parent to be in a girl nursery bed
parent to be in a nursery

The essentials of a baby girl’s nursery include but are not limited to the following items:-

Think about bringing life, hopes and dreams to your baby girl through the various feelings you would like to put together in the room.

Some essentials of your baby girls room include:

  1. Baby Crib/bed
  2. Baby Mattress
  3. Mattress cover preferably waterproof
  4. Nursing pillow
  5. Baby bedding’s
  6. Nursery changing table
  7. Baby dresser/wardrobe/storage baskets/suitcase
  8. Baby Clothes
  9. Rocking Chair
  10. Diapers
  11. Mosquito Net
  12. Baby Album
baby clothes
baby clothes

When should a Girl baby nursery be complete?

It would ideally be good to have your babies’ nursery ready at least by the time you are 36 weeks pregnant. Generally, sometime before you are too uncomfortable to move around.

new born baby crib basket

Checklist for Designing Your Baby Girl Nursery

  1. Identify your babies room within your house
  2. Choose a suitable color theme/wall paper alongside your budget
  3. Identify furniture for the babies room
  4. Identify storage solutions for the babies room
baby crib with baby in a girl nursery
baby crib with baby in a girl nursery

1. Crib

For your piece of mind, this is one item that you should invest on as you will constantly leave your baby on it for long. Some children sleep in their crib for more than two years hence it would be good to invest in a quality crib.

baby crib
baby crib

A crib can be styled to match your taste as well as have one with neutral colours if you plan on having more babies.

baby nursery
baby nursery

2. The babies bedding

The bedding’s would be a good place for a parent to showcase their style as well as put together their theme. It would be good to invest in a couple of bedding’s as more often than not, you will change your babies’ bedding’s more than once in a day.

baby clothes
baby clothes

3. Crib Mattress Pad/Mattress Protector

This is a very essential item as it protects the babies bed against leaky messes and provides a more sanitary sleeping space for your child. However, be careful when choosing one as some materials are not safe for the baby to sleep on.

4. Baby Nursing Pillow

This is the saving grace for parents during breastfeeding and especially, new moms who have to get a hang of engorged breasts and sore nipples.

A nursing pillow raises the baby to the level of the breasts of the mother making it comfortable and an enjoyable experience as the two bond.

5.Baby Nursery changing table

The only way to make your babies changing experience pleasant is to try as much as possible to have all your babies essentials close in the changing table. 

baby changing table
baby changing table

When choosing a baby changing table, pick one that can be repurposed into multiple uses like for toys storage.

baby with toy

An ideal baby changing table should have shelves to store some of the baby clothes, hold diapers, wipes, baby oils, lotions and other baby accessories.

6. Baby Nursery Chair

This needs to be thought out well as it will be one place the parent(s) will be seating to rock the baby to sleep, feed, breastfeed, read to the baby, and even play with the baby.  Be sure to pick a very comfortable seat and one that is easy to clean as you will be spending some quality time here.

rocking chair for baby nursery room

7. Nursery Storage space

History has it that babies have lots of stuff from baby clothes, toys, diapers just to name but a few. Firstly, it would be good to choose storage that would fit the immediate needs as well as the future.

baby storage spage

8. Baby Girl Album

Treasure those baby milestones and precious moments in a baby album. In the digitized world we are in today, as a parent you can have a physical baby album or have your baby photos in online baby album.

baby album for baby nursery
baby album for baby nursery

How to choose a baby theme

There are very many inspirations around a babies nursery theme. For instance, you may incorporate pieces of artwork, wallpaper (washable) or landmarks of places you have traveled or dreamed to travel on the walls.

It would also be good to keep the theme baby-friendly by ensuring that you choose soft bright colours for your babies’ room.