Employer - Work Life Balance

What is Work Life Balance-Employer

Tips for work life balance for employers:-

1.Flexible working hours

Many workplaces are doing away with the 9 to 5 work model as it has come to the realization of many employers that this does not suit everyone. It would be important to let it known to your employees that what is important is getting their work done within the time allocated and not necessarily within the working hours. It is also   surprising   to not how motivated employees get when they dictate their own hours.wrist watch and tie

Allowing employees with children to work from home a couple of times a week could help lift a huge amount of stress from their full workload. This shift could also demonstrate a level of trust between the employer and employee and also the belief that they can complete their work on their own without being micromanaged.

2. Lunch Schedules

As an employer it would be a good incentive not to be firm on specific lunch break hours. This would probably be the only time that some employees would love to run some of their errands as well as maybe have a decent lunch meal. Clock watching while your staff are out for lunch is ot a good move and as an employer it would be good to rather emphasize on a reasonable amount of time for their lunch of staff having brunch

3. Providing equipment to allow for working from anywhere

If you allow your employees flexi working hour and allow them to work from home on some days, it follows then that you have to equip them with the equipment needed.

So you’ve decided to let your employees work from home a few days a week – you’re going to need to equip them with the tools needed to let them work from anywhere, whether it’s their living room or a coffee shop down the street. Invest in good laptops and train your employees on using Skype or other messaging programs to keep in touch.

Also, it’s worth putting together a work device use policy and training your staff in digital safety (to help save your IT department from removing spyware and viruses). Working from anywhere should still be considered a privilege, and employees ought to treat their corporate devices differently from their own personal devices. woman in grey shirt sitting on her bed working

4. Conducive Office Set up

As employer, investing is a conducive work environment for your employees is key in ensuring that your employees are comfortable while working as well as increasing their motivation which translates into more productivity. It would also be good as an employer to invest on inspirational colors for different moods and some good art work to enhance the appearance of your work place as well as make it inviting.conducive work station

5. Social activities

As an employer engaging your staff in social activities together can help employees network, build friendship as well as help them feel at home while at the work place. Work places that are forward-thinking put together events like team building, dinners and movies where they can unwind after a day at work. As a result of all this activities employees build friendship with colleagues who can help them improve on their productivity. People jogging in the park

6. Open door policy

The open door policy at the work place has been greatly embraced by employees. Having the open door policy translates to open communication where every employee can ask for help from anyone in matter professional or personal. This assists employees bring their best possible selves to work each day.Open door policy with staff