Baby Shower Ideas

Amazing Baby Shower Ideas & Planning tips

A Baby shower is one way of showing love to your friend and the little one to come.

No matter who you decide to invite when hosting a baby shower, plus all the other fun fare you will have during that time, please ensure that the mother to be feels loved because pregnancy is a special moment for her.

A couple expecting a child

We all enjoy fun and surprises when hosting a baby shower for a mom to be.

It does help the parent to be feel stress relieved through that joyous moment of partying.

At the same time, it lessens their burden through the gifts brought to them.

An expectant couple

Through the waiting period of the baby arrival, there are a lot of preparations as babies require a lot of things.

The gifts from loving and close friends go a long way towards ensuring that all the basic needs and necessities are all covered.

These necessities are like diapers, clothes, cribs and monitors as they come in handy for the mom to be.An expectant couple

When should the shower be held

To many mothers to be, their best friend is normally the one tasked to organize a baby shower and make it happen.

By assuming the role of a planner, she should always live by inviting the people closest to the parents to be for their comfort and attendance.

The time of the shower varies and it can be done early in the pregnancy to ensure the mom to be has ample time to buy the remaining essentials if need to be

It is also good to have the baby shower early in the pregnancy since the mom to be is still full of energy to enjoy every moment of the shower.

In some traditions, beliefs and religions though, parents to be prefer not to receive any form of gifts until the baby is born.

Who should plan a shower

From the beginning, showers were hosted by friends, relatives who are a bit distant from the immediate family. This was meant to show love and avoid portraying like the immediate family as soliciting for gifts from friends.women sipping cocktails in a white room

With time though, things have changed and we have sisters and immediate family members hosting a baby shower for the mom to be. Until today it is very inappropriate for the mother to host her shower.

What should be done during the baby shower for a baby boy

The shower decorator may choose to decorate with the magic blue colour if it is for a boy, though at times it also depends on the mom-to-be.

In most cases since the mom-to-be is the main focus, she can do the colour preference that will carry the day.boy baby shower decor

What should be done during the baby shower for a baby girl

The colour pink signifies that there is a baby girl on the way.

The headband ribbons, and the themed attires for the guests plus the very many traditional baby shower games – keep all the visitors shower decor for a girl

Where can one host a baby shower

There are many styles of hosting a baby shower, For instance:-

  • You can do an all couple dinner, lunch or breakfast
  • An outdoor party with games and music
  • An all moms (ladies) baby shower
  • A girls all night out with a dressing code theme
  • In the moms-to-be/host yardwomen drinking wine

Theme and Games of Baby Shower

The theme and games of the baby shower are entirely dependent on the host/planner.

The host can either decide to have both the games and theme or none altogether.

The themes of a shower may vary from the traditional themes to the very modern theme.

Who should have a baby shower

A first-time mom or any mom with several children is eligible for a shower.

It should also be known that all pregnancies are not the same and it does not matter how many times a mom gives birth to children.

All babies deserve a celebration though it is common to find that the second and the babies birthed after receiving a low key shower without much funfair.couples baby shower

Who should be in your guest list for the baby shower

The baby shower planner host should always have these word close “keep it close”.

This entirely means inviting only the close acquaintances to the mom-to-be.

You may also want as a planner to liaise with the mom to be so that her close friends are invited and not left out.

An all moms baby shower can be one of the options that put together the guest list or an all couples baby shower.

Should men celebrate baby showers

Traditionally, men never attended baby showers. It was an all-women affair but things are changing with the modern times. Nowadays you find men celebrating the so-called “MAN SHOWER”. This is ideally where the men celebrate with fun activities like taking alcohol using baby bottles, wearing baby bibs and also wearing labelled t-shirts with graphics of the man behind the pregnancy or the baby. The MAN SHOWER is being embraced very well as more and more men are becoming more involved with their children upbringing.

What gifts should you give the mom to be 

Everyone has a different opinion on this topic however, some moms-to-be prefer to have enough items in their gift list before sending the shower invitation.

This is seen as an easier way of communicating to your guests on what the mom-to-be would require for their unborn child.

To some people preparing a gift list is seen as a show of greed but if the mom-to-be prefers the registry way, it would be better to keep it open on the choice of shower gifts

Thanking your guest

It is always good to thank the guests that graced your baby shower celebration.

Ideally, this can be done after two weeks of the baby shower to the guests that attended and to those who did not make it but made it to send their gifts.Thank you note