Authoritarian Parenting

Why Authoritarian parenting works: Its characteristics and effects

Authoritarian parenting is characterized by an extremely strict parent with high parental demand and low parental responsiveness.

It is a parenting style that imposes good behavior through threats and punishment. The Authoritarian parenting style emphasizes on children following the rules set with no compromise.

Parents practicing the authoritarian style of parenting have a high expectation of their children and they provide very little in emotional support and advice in nurturing their children.

This parenting style has very strict rules and children are expected to follow them unconditionally.

Authorian parents are very controlling, they don’t value teaching children self-control or even managing their own self behavior.

An Authorian parent has little time to nurture but has a lot of time for psychological control.A parent reprimanding her child

The characteristics of the authoritarian parenting style are as follows:-

  1. The authorian parents tend to be very demanding and not responsive to the children.
  2. This is a parenting style full of rules which are written or unwritten and children are expected to adhere and follow them strictly.
  3. Authoritarian parents do not show much love and warmth to their children as shown by the authoritative parents. Obedience to them equals love.
  4. These parents are very strict. It is always their way or the highway!
  5. They do not have a problem resulting in corporal Punishment which revolves around spanking. They punish at will.
  6. Authorian parents do not give their children room to express themselves.
  7. These parents have no time for bad behaving children.
  8. These parents expect their children to follow the rules and they waste no time in listening to their children’s feelings. The option of open communication is not an option with authoritarian parents.
  9. Authoritarian parents normally have very cold relations with their children.A sad child holding her chin

The effects of authoritarian parenting on children

  • Children are not encouraged to explore other ways of being independent while being on their own.
  • The lack of self-esteem when compared with children raised by authoritative parents.
  • These children struggle when their parents are not with them.
  • These children tend to be very unhappy and become hostile and aggressive under pressure.
  • They do not do well academically hence at a very high risk of them to fall into depression and anxiety.
  • Children brought up by autharian parents are not socially skilled and more likely than not are involved in bullying.
  • They find it difficult to make friends easily and have difficulty fending for themselves.

A child and a parent holding their chin and sitting on a rock

For more information on other parenting styles, click on either of the parenting styles below:-

  • Permissive Parenting – This is the parent who permits the children to do pretty much whatever they want. This parent believes that a child has to be nurtured to be true to their own nature.
  • Authoritative Parenting – These are parents who are deeply attached to seeing that their children are secure and protected. This kind of parenting style carefully defines limits for their children.
  • Helicopter Parenting /Cossetter Parenting- This is the parent who hovers over their children and rescues them in times of need.